We had a chance to Skype with Leeanna McLean, Digital Reporter with The Weather Network, and share the story behind the Juniper BBQ Scraper. Watch the full interview below.


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Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 11:50 AM - When it comes to traditional wire-bristle barbecue brushes, Newfoundlander Jason Janes says throw them out.

Since 2004, Health Canada has received 40 reports related to grill cleaning brushes, according to a risk report that was released last year. In 28 of the 40 reported cases, the person suffered injury.

That was enough for Janes to start looking for a safer alternative.

"I do a lot of barbecuing and luckily I wasn't using a wire barbecue brush," Janes told The Weather Network. "I always used these cedar shakes, these little pieces of wood and they were a bit of a nuisance because they would always wear out."

After visiting multiple stores and doing some extensive research online, the entrepreneur couldn't find anything that was safe and durable.

That's when he decided to call up his father and ask for a piece of juniper.

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